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One week until Wimbledon! Tennis, with its insane combination of physical excellence and mental strength, is my favorite sport of them all. I’ve watched Mr. Nadal pull out a win from a five set match for so many years, I’ve come to regard him as a personal hero of sorts. He’s also such a gracious loser that his wins seem all the more gratifying.

This excerpt from an interview with him gives me a little insight into what it takes.  Happy Monday to you.

“You have to be self-critical, accept what you have done badly… but you shouldn’t be too self-critical. You have to be self-critical, without all the drama of it. If not, you enter into a spiral in which nothing is ever enough. It’s a good mentality, but it shouldn’t make you unhappy with what you do, but rather make you ambitious.”  — Rafael Nadal

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