Sofia Coppola on the importance of creative freedom  —- 

"Marie Antoinette was the only time I’ve worked more with a studio, so it was important for me to have creative freedom, I never get myself in a situation where I don’t have creative freedom. I learned that from my dad: you put your heart into something, you have to protect it, what you’re making. I always like to keep the budget as small as possible just to have the most freedom. You know you get left alone, you get to pick the actors you want to use. I like doing personal films, after doing a bigger movie, I enjoy doing smaller, intimate films. I’ve always written my own scripts, I really like doing everything from the beginning and taking it all the way through.”

p.s. I’ve always loved the sneakers in the background of the first still above…such a humorous touch.

Stills from Marie Antoinette (2006) and the making of the film. 


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